Over the last year I’ve been working hard on Genuine Glow’s 5-year rebrand. It started with refining our Exfoliating Face Polish, renamed to Brio. There was a new website design with a refocused concept, and text that I wrote myself. It was important to me that the wording and spirit of the brand was completely authentic and meaningful. Authenticity over branding. New packaging was created to reflect Brio’s mark in the prestige space, while keeping a playful and happy aesthetic.Brio Face Polish

There was an important focus on wellness blended within my beauty brand – reimaging beauty. Hundreds of hours were spent working on this initiative, more than half a dozen people were involved, money was invested into the rebrand, and a launch was scheduled.





Then Covid-19 happened. Immediately there were delays…containers, labels, and manufacturing were all impacted. Stay-at-home orders meant my suppliers and partners were working with a limited staff and had to temporarily suspend operations. Brick-and-mortar boutique beauty shops (the heart of my 2020 business plan) closed their doors for an unknown period of time.






However I continued to move forward (with significant delays) even if the launch and Genuine Glow’s rebrand looked more like a normal day, rather than an important event.





Product photography happened at home, all business conversations occurred remotely, but the work was completed.



Brio Face Polish



Although I’ve had to scale back on what was originally planned, and promoting anything feels weird right now; in a way this taps into the ethos of the brand. In November I wrote, “I believe beauty should be a tool to show your best self, and feeling beautiful on the inside is just as important as feeling beautiful on the outside. Genuine Glow is meant to complement your lifestyle, help you achieve healthy skin, and make inside-outside health and beauty attainable.”





At a time where we are all unsure about what the future holds, it’s clear to me that a brand and company like Genuine Glow, that is focused on making people feel good – has a stable footing. And my plan is to move forward with a continued focus on providing our friends and customers a way to achieve a 360° Glow, resulting in an equal combination of inside and outside beauty.

Brio Face Polish

Nicki Carrea believes that true beauty is synonymous with well-being. In 2015 she established Genuine Glow, an inside-outside wellness and skin care brand, and is a published beauty and wellness writer and speaker. Drawing on her life experiences she conceptualized and launched the Genuine Glow blog, which spotlights authentic voices, and creates a platform for shared experiences and human connection. Nicki is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and currently resides in New York City. You can connect with Nicki here: LinkedIn & Instagram

Genuine Glow is a wellness and skin care brand that creates a nutrient-rich exfoliator (Brio) and specializes in inside-outside health and beauty. Established in 2015, Genuine Glow has been nominated for 3 CEW Awards (Best New Indie Beauty Brand, Best New Indie Skin Care Brand, and Best Exfoliator/Scrub) and chosen as a Top 50 Breakthrough Beauty Brand. You can connect with the brand here: Website, Instagram, Facebook

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