Nicki Carrea

Genuine Glow™ Founder and CEO

Meet Nicki

Nicki Carrea believes that true beauty is synonymous with well-being. In 2015 she established Genuine Glow, an inside-outside wellness and skin care brand, and is a published beauty and wellness writer and speaker. Drawing on her life experiences she conceptualized and launched the Genuine Glow blog, which spotlights authentic voices, and creates a platform for shared experiences and human connection. Nicki is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and currently resides in New York City. You can connect with Nicki here: LinkedIn

Beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. There are so many different ways to be beautiful. Yet it’s reported that approximately 80% of women feel inadequate after viewing a traditional beauty ad. After developing my first natural skin care line several years ago; I knew I wanted to build a community and brand that is synonymous with well-being.

Genuine Glow combines wellness and skin care, and offers a positive approach to looking and feeling your best. Our message speaks to everyone, offers simple yet effective skin care products, and makes beauty unintimidating. I wanted to create products that allow the ingredients and their known benefits to speak for themselves, therefore letting our customers define their own standard of beauty.

I chose Brio exfoliator to lead the line because exfoliating your skin at least twice a week is one of the easiest and most effective things we can do to achieve a healthier complexion. Brio was born out of the knowledge that healthy food and healthy eating are the foundation for overall physical health; therefore healthy skin care ingredients are the foundation for overall skin health. After 4 years of research, BRIO – with its zesty botanicals, powerful Vitamin C content, light joyful scent, and award winning proprietary formula, became our hero product!

The Genuine Glow blog aims to produce meaningful conversations, rather than content. I believe beauty should be a tool to show your best self, and feeling beautiful on the inside is just as important as feeling beautiful on the outside. And since we all feel the same emotions, there’s an opportunity to connect us through beneficial stories, shared experiences, and vetted wellness methods. Genuine Glow is meant to complement your lifestyle, help you achieve healthy skin, and make inside-outside health and beauty attainable.

– Nicki Carrea, Genuine Glow Founder

BRIO™ Phytonutrient Exfoliating Face Polish

An enhanced exfoliator specifically formulated to showcase and support healthy skin.

Essay Collection

By Nicki Carrea

Shared experiences can connect us, help us understand a new perspective, see things outside of our own reality, and potentially grow from hearing another’s truth. Below are some of my personal essays written to do just that. 

The Second Wave of Grief

First you lose your loved on, then you lose yourself. A personal essay about grief.

One Year Ago

Setting deliberate intentions over the course of a year. What I learned after a trip to India one year ago.

Trusting Your Path

How a dog lover came to adopt 2 cats and the life lesson learned from it.

Redefining Beauty & Finding Balance

Redefining Beauty

Considering what matters when discussing beauty and recognizing how the images we see and the words we hear impact our wellbeing

Progress Through Transparency

Once I started my own company, I saw first-hand how we grow through diversity. A diverse infrastructure provides new thoughts, ideas, opportunities, and expansion

A Step Towards Attainable Self-Care

Regular self-care has to do with what we are saying, thinking and feeling, not what we’re buying or doing

My Brand Story – The Evolution of Genuine Glow

Nicki Carrea - My Brand StoryI’ve witnessed how the images we see and the words we hear effect our psyche; and it’s my mission to promote the importance of recognizing inner beauty

We Believe

We’re a company rooted in wellness, positivity, and equality. Transparency is needed from the brands we support to ensure their values reflect our own.

Growing Through Grief

Grief is a topic we often don’t discuss, but it can change us. When my Mom suddenly passed away, her death impacted me personally and professionally. Ultimately it led me to realize the value of mental health and wellbeing

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