We Believe

We Believe

Transparency is needed from the brands we support to ensure their values reflect our own. With that being said, I felt it was important to openly state Genuine Glow’s beliefs:

We’re a company rooted in wellness, positivity, and equality. I wrote the About Us section on our website in May 2019 and stated then, “Beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. There are so many different ways to be beautiful.” I’ve often referenced wanting to build a community and brand that is synonymous with well-being, and how Genuine Glow is meant to complement your lifestyle. And I think that’s key – your lifestyle.

In the last 2 years, I’ve come to recognize that I don’t need to chase someone else’s idea of a successful company, or someone else’s idea of pretty packaging, or someone else’s idea of branding – I needed to get comfortable with my own ideas and promote those. This realization has shifted how I view things drastically and I’ve worked to build Genuine Glow and our community around this authentic message. And that message is – who you are is good enough already.

We’re not a brand that tells anyone what they should look like, or how they should look, act, or be. Simply, we want to help people achieve healthy skin and share stories that can connect us, so you can decide how you want to look, who you want to love, and what you want your life to look like – in a confident and balanced way. Beauty and wellness is so visual, so personal – and should therefore represent everyone.

I hope that speaking out and openly stating these beliefs and values not only shows Genuine Glow’s commitment, but it also allows for accountability and transparency.

It’s important to pull back the curtains and show how we’re aligned with progression and the greater good. I feel strongly that consumers should know who is behind a brand and a company. You should know the people behind the products, behind the tag line, behind the posts and the branding. You should know whom you’re supporting and feel confident in the founder and team.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “there comes a time when silence is betrayal,” so it felt important to put this out into the world, into a blog post, and say that everyone is welcome here.


Nicki Carrea believes that true beauty is synonymous with well-being. In 2015 she established Genuine Glow, an inside-outside wellness and skin care brand, and is a published beauty and wellness writer and speaker. Drawing on her life experiences she conceptualized and launched the Genuine Glow blog, which spotlights authentic voices, and creates a platform for shared experiences and human connection. Nicki is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and currently resides in New York City. You can connect with Nicki here: LinkedIn & Instagram

Genuine Glow is a wellness and skin care brand that creates nutrient-rich exfoliators and specializes in inside-outside health and beauty. Established in 2015, Genuine Glow has been nominated for 3 CEW Awards (Best New Indie Beauty Brand, Best New Indie Skin Care Brand, and Best Exfoliator/Scrub) and chosen as a Top 50 Breakthrough Beauty Brand. You can connect with the brand here: Website, Instagram, Facebook

“Genuine Glow™ products and blog are not intended to cure, treat, prevent, mitigate or diagnose any disease, and are not intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body. The Genuine Glow blog is based on anecdotal wisdom and the experiences and research reported by others. We are not medical professionals and we have not independently tested these claims. Always consult your physician or mental healthcare provider if you have questions about a medical or psychiatric condition or if you seek medical advice.”

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