The Benefits of Exfoliating

My love of exfoliation is not a secret.  Exfoliation, which is known as the best way to remove dead skin cells, is an essential part of a well-rounded skin care routine. By using an exfoliating scrub (like our Brio Phytonutrient Exfoliator) twice a week, you can keep your complexion healthy and glowing. But a glowing complexion isn’t the only benefit of adding exfoliation to your skin care routine!

♦ By getting rid of dead skin cells, you can clear up and prevent acne and other blemishes.

♦ Exfoliation doesn’t just remove dead skin cells — it clears away oil and other debris that clogs your pores. Once this is gone, your pores can shrink back down to their natural size.

♦ With dead skin cells gone, your skin will produce healthy cells to replace them. This creates a healthier skin texture, which translates to fewer lines and wrinkles.

♦ Exfoliation clears the way for moisturizers and other products to be better absorbed by the skin.

♦ Your skin has natural, healthy oils, but sometimes the glands that produce these oils can get a bit carried away. If this happens, dead skin cells tend to stick in the oil and clog up your pores.

♦ Dead skin cells can build up if they aren’t regularly removed from your skin’s surface. This is why exfoliation is necessary!

→ In addition, exfoliation evens skin tone, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen synthesis, boosts blood flow, and improves collagen production.

I love that Brio Exfoliator combines a physical exfoliator (grainy texture) and a chemical exfoliator (safe-for-skin acids that dissolve debris) into 1 effective product.

How often should you exfoliate? Twice a week is good, and 3 times a week if you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup, sweating a lot, not washing your face properly, or have been traveling and essentially exposing your skin to environmental stressers.

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